Hamlet / Macbeth and the Complete Deaths

  • By Jason Klarwein

  • Suitable For: YR 10-12
  • Subjects: Drama | English
  • Duration: 50min

About This Show:

Can you smell the scent of death in the air?

It lingers under the stairs, on the battlements and at the dinner table. Immerse yourself in the haunted worlds of Hamlet and Macbeth where fear, power and violence rule. Unlock the inner workings of human nature at its most extreme. What stops Hamlet from seeking revenge and killing his Uncle? What motivates Macbeth to kill his best mate?

Two intrepid actors take on the task of reinterpreting the great roles of Hamlet and Macbeth. As their understanding of these two great Shakespearean thrillers improves, the body count rises to the point where they might try to act out all the deaths ever written by Shakespeare with hilarious consequences.

Exploring issues of fate and free will, consequence and choice; this thrilling ghostly ride is terrifying, spooky and ridiculous.

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