The Lunatic, The Lover and The Loon

  • By Jason Klarwein

  • Suitable For: YR 7-12
  • Subjects: Drama | English
  • Duration: 50min

About This Show:

From the Director of Queensland Theatre Company’s critically acclaimed Much Ado About Nothing comes the Lunatic, the Lover and The Loon.

Forget the doom and gloom and let us shine a red nose on Shakespeare’s nest fools and revel in the comedic genius of Shakespeare’s most irreverent and beloved characters.

Meet Bully Bottom and Feste the clown. The vixen lover’s Touchstone and Audrey. The Shrewish Katherine and her arrogant suitor Petruchio with his foolish servant in tow. Jack Cade and his merry band of idiots, and of course Dogberry and Verges the loveable keepers of the peace.

Often comically tragic, hysterically funny and incredibly stupid, Shakespeare’s lunatics, lovers and fools show us a side of humanity that we can all laugh at, weep at, and have that thought - ‘I’m glad I’m not that guy’. For those who love sleek slapstick and witty wise storytellers, these movable characters will weave their comedy magic over you.

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