Our Place

  • By Jason Klarwein & Kellie Lazarus

  • Suitable For: YR 5-9
  • Subjects: Drama | English | Ethics
  • Duration: 50min

About This Show:

Journey to our country, our place, our people. The smell of freshly mown grass and the sounds of shunting sprinklers echo through the streets of suburbia. Past the insects buzzing at the window, the glow of the television set draws us into the homes and lives of Our Place.

Using multimedia and miniature models, this show celebrates our unique identities and our diverse culture. It explores our social fabric and questions what divides and unites us. Our Place includes an eclectic collage of poetry, story and song from Australia’s best known heritage writers and contemporary voices.

A funny, ridiculous and deeply insightful look at what it means to be Australian in 2017.

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