Romeo & Juliet Must Die

  • By David Burton

  • Suitable For: YR 7-12
  • Subjects: Drama | English
  • Duration: 50min

About This Show:

A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life... Or do they?

What if they could change their own history. What if you could go back in time and rediscover what went wrong?

These lovers get one chance to relive their story, in all of its passion, tragedy, truth and violence. Romeo and Juliet frantically try to unravel the tragic error of their ways, with the only tool they have, Shakespeare’s dark blueprint of their life. Over 50 minutes they try and navigate and weave their way out of the tragic ending that has been played out over and over again.

What if Romeo received the fateful message from Friar Laurence? What if Tybalt didn’t kill Mercutio? But does the course of true love hang in lady destiny? Or do they have the power to change it all?

Exploring issues of fate, destiny, love, loss and lust, Romeo and Juliet Must Die takes students deep into the text and the twisted world of Romeo and Juliet.

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